Privacy Rights

This blog is meant to be a platform for people to share their opinions and views. While this is a joint forum for people to discuss warehousing services, there are certain things that have to be kept in mind. This is a blog which is not professional in nature. Therefore, the ideas that are expressed through this blog is not necessarily expert opinions in any way. expects people to show respect and courtesy to one another on this site. Any sort of abusive or foul language will not be tolerated on this site. This site is also not a place to stalk other visitors or ask for their personal details such as their address or phone number. People who degrade others using offensive language or racist and ethical slurs will be banned from the site. This blog is meant for people to share their opinions without being rude or nasty. The site may trace the IP addresses of the computers from which communications are sent. This is only to locate a particular address so that we are aware of who visits the site. At no point is any details of visitors shared with anyone or with third parties. All the data that is obtained from visitors are kept private and secure, and no one is given access to this data. We give utmost priority to the users of our site and make sure that there are no lapses in privacy.